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Player Bio: Brad Kutler

Brad Striking a Pose

Brad Intimidating the Competition. Photo Taken by Ja’nae Stewart.


Brad Kutler, Questrom ’16


Years on the Team: 3

Years Playing Ultimate: 3

Height: 5’10”

Nickname: Boo Radley, Dad, B-Rad

Hometown: Omaha, NE

College Major(s): Business Administration

Club Experience: HAUS(2015)

Favorite Thing About Playing: “Cheering on the Sidelines…and Throwing Dimes”

Signature Move: “The ole Step-Through Backhand”

Best Memory With the Team: “My First Time Leading a Cheer.”

Favorite Pre-Game Snack: “Dunkin D’s…Ham, Egg & Cheese. Fuego”

Brad has reached Youtube Fame as well…Check it out…


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