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Team History


Founded in 1973, BU Men’s ultimate has a storied past. Here’s a recap of some of our team history:

Team Origins:

Here’s BU alumni Jeff Durra’s account of the first year of BU Ultimate back in 1974:

  “Freshman year I  lived in Rich Hall, West Campus. Zack Bakar, who was a sophomore, was tossing a Wham-O Master Frisbee (the 150 gram disc that was used for Ultimate at the time) in front of the Rich Hall where no one could help but to see him.  Zack could really throw the frisbee: backhands, forehands, skip it off the ground, through his legs, behind his back and for long distance. I liked to toss the frisbee as well and invited my way into the game of catch which usually took place after dinner in the fall twilight.  Peter Gatch would often be out there playing catch as well.

    One Saturday morning, while still laying in bed, I looked down on the floor at Friday’s Boston Globe that happened to be opened to a page featuring an article about this game called Ultimate Frisbee being played at Tufts.  The picture caught my eye first, some action shot showing players running to a floating disc, or something like that.  The article said Tufts held practices regularly on campus in preparation to play other college teams.  I showed the article to Zack who immediately suggested we go to Tufts for the next practice and talk to them about the game and forming a team of our own.

  The first team assembled mostly by word of mouth.  Tommy Shaper (endzone “Otto”) was instrumental in recruiting players to assemble enough to play our first game which I remember as being against Brandies at Brandies.  Tommy got a few of his friends, Zach, Peter Gatch would have played and anyone else we could find to drive out to Waltham.  We played on a large field near the athletic center.  It was the first game of Ultimate that any of us played.  I am not sure any of us had a pair of cleats, and some may have played in sneakers and street clothes.  But despite the lack of experience, footwear and uniform we played well.  Ultimate is an easy sport to catch onto and it seemed to have a natural flow of football, soccer and basketball.”

Recent History:

2016: Team finished 11th overall in New England, and 4th overall in Metro Boston. The season’s signature win came against Northeastern in pool play of Sectionals when the team came back from a 0-4 deficit to win it all.

2015: Team failed to qualify for Regionals. Beat Northeastern on universe with only 11 players.

2011: Beat Northeastern on universe point to qualify for Regionals.

2006: Won every game at Metro Boston Sectionals to win the section.

2002: Lost to UMass Amherst in the quarterfinal game of Regionals and came up just two points short of the regional championship game.


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