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What is Ultimate?

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate, sometimes known as “Ultimate Frisbee” or even just “Frisbee,” is one of the fastest growing Sports in the World.

Ultimate is a sport which combines skills used in sports such as Soccer, Football, Basketball, Hockey, and even Tennis, but has developed its own unique culture and spirit as a sport which is almost entirely officiated by the players themselves. According to, “The sport of Ultimate Frisbee as we know it started in 1968 at Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ. A group of students from the school paper and the Student Council, led by Joel Silver (yes, it’s the same guy as the film director), who was a member of both the paper and the council, developed the rules of what was then called Frisbee Football and what would develop into the modern sport of Ultimate.

Silver had played Frisbee Football at a summer camp in Mount Hernon, Massachusetts in the summer of 1967, and when he returned to Maplewood, he proposed to the Student Council that the school form a Frisbee team. It was suggested as a joke, but was seconded and passed. Discussion of the Frisbee team occasionally came up during the school year, but was still mostly regarded as folly. By the end of the year, however, Silver and other members of the council were organizing a game during their lunch period.”

Ultimate Frisbee is now a sport which has expanded to new and unforeseen territories, as Team’s have popped up all around the World, College Championships draw crowds of Thousands of people each year, and 2 American Professional Leagues have started within the past 4 years! Interested in learning more about the sport of Ultimate? Go to our Media page and check out some great site links and Video Highlights that do the sport some serious Justice!


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